Hoo Are You?

Talented artist who feels like your time is being wasted at a day job.

NFT investor who wants access to the hottest new projects.

Fan of art and music who wants to get close with the creatives.

Aspiring artist or musician looking to improve your craft.

Your Owlie Gives You...

  • A network of artists and collaboration opportunities.
  • Ability to participate in community projects and apply for funding.
  • Access to our project launchpad..
  • Whitelist opportunities for community and partner projects.
  • A deep, rich Bohemian culture that encourages freedom of expression.
  • Participation in a governance structure built and run by artists.

About the 5th Dimension

Concept Sketch for upcoming project

5th Dimension Multiverse

The 5th Dimension multiverse will contain many worlds. Each world is dedicated to a different area of arts and entertainment. There will be worlds for fine art, music, animated art, film, and more – even discovering new genres that are possible because of NFT technology.

Concept Sketch for upcoming project


The Owlies are part of the Shuggaverse, the first world within the 5th Dimension multiverse, and is a world dedicated to creating comic books.Later this year, we will release our first project, a comic book album (comic book with music soundtrack) called, “Birth of the Shugga” – origin story of anti-establishment superhero, Shugga, who is dedicated to destroying inter-dimensional Ghouls and stopping Da Man’s fiat money empire. All Owlies will receive a free digital copy!


Quinn Quibbleton

Quinn Quibbleton

Founder / Project Manager

My passion has always been writing stories and creating music, but it was difficult to balance these activities with my career as a pharmacist. Being aware that many others also struggle with this same problem, I was determined to figure out a path to success that will work for everyone. The 5th Dimension community is being built for this exact purpose - to enable creatives to prosper.... Show More



I'm an award-winning artist/illustrator who has worked for many Fortune-500 companies including Miller Brewing Company, Disney and Pepsi just to name a few. I am currently the artist and creative architect here in the 5th dimension, bringing my imagination to life one piece of art at a time.... Show More
Akbar Lightning

Akbar Lightning


As a professional artist and educator for 25 years I have perpetually sought out the Renaissance experience. In the metaverse I see the potential for a philosophical explosion that will give rise to new freedoms and human wonders of the world.... Show More
Ralf Wiggim

Ralf Wiggim

UX / Community Manager

Hey there! I'm a UI/UX designer with prior experience working with the AthleteX DAO (athletex.io). Now, I am focused on creating 5th Dimensional user experiences.... Show More


Web3 Developers

Fueled on Bacon is a Web3 company focused on building the future. We partner with people who have exciting visions and are looking to leave an impact on the space. To us, community is everything.... Show More

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